traitorous: (TOLD YOU.)
MAINE. ([personal profile] traitorous) wrote 2017-01-19 07:59 am (UTC)

to add.

lakshmi bai (re: the order 1886, hardcore badass/respects/never takes off the scarf she gave him bc reasons/can ppl pls stop aggravating his feisty smol queen before she's had a nap and a shot of blackwater)
carolina (re: canonmate, the original bestie/aged way more gracefully than wash/would die for)
york (re: canonmate, good with locks n shit/sorry for the eye/would die for but he'd need like 30 seconds to think about it)
wash (re: canonmate, cat hoarder/looking old af/best friends means friends forever even when you attempt to kill each other/would die for)
byerly (re: vks, son u came to the wrong neighborhood spoiler alert it was actually maine trespassing/10 for 10 banging bod and dick, would fuck again and again and again/also what the fuck)

sonia (re: npc, girl u cute/will maine ever approach her or will he instead continue to awkwardly glance at her from across the encampment tune in next week to find out)
tucker (re: canonmate, uh oh spaghettios)
beth (re: twd, feisty smol #2)
zarya (re: overwatch, friendly russian/decently tall/dope hair and biceps)
miles (re: vks, Very Tiny Man like he's basically a figurine next to maine/barrayar native/useful)
piotr (re: npc, yikes)
olivia (re: npc, mrs yikes)

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