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background notes.

  • zachariah nolan clarke, b. 11/06/2521.
  • additional note: i had the headcanon first name of "isaac" for like six years but maine sharing a name with felix is kind of Weird so i buckled and changed it because moral of the story is that felix is the worst. he went by "zach" as a kid and "clarke" during his time in the corps/odst.
  • no siblings; mother killed in a mining accident in 2523, father killed during the covenant invasion of his home planet in 2536.
  • fluent in spanish (picked up as a child); quasi-fluent in russian (picked up during his time as an odst).

  • planetary system located 1,200 light years away from earth, on the orion arm of the milky way.
  • maine was born on kepler-62e, a desert planet that was colonized in the late 2300s after the shaw-fujikawa translight engine was created in 2291. it's part of the inner colonies.
  • kepler-62e was a bxr-controlled mining planet that was glassed by the covenant in 2536. the planet was partially evacuated before the glassing; maine was one of the evacuees.
  • from 2500 to 2536, kepler-62e was mined primarily for titanium. bxr abandoned kepler-62e during the glassing in 2536, but then returned sometime after 2553 to mine the planet's destroyed surface for silicates.
  • like the majority of the inhabitants of kepler-62e, maine developed a relatively mild form of silicosis and sometimes has trouble breathing following periods of heavy physical activity (only a potential problem while outside his armor).

  • maine enlisted with the unsc marine corps in 2537, shortly after the covenant destroyed his planet. he completed basic training in thirteen weeks before embarking on three weeks of heavy combat training. upon final completion of his training, his platoon was deployed to new constantinople (late spring 2537) to help with civilian evacuation during the ongoing skirmish between the covenant and the unsc.
  • additional note: spartan-iii alpha company played a big part in the battle of new constantinople and was most likely maine's first in-person exposure to the spartan program.
  • from 2537 to mid-2541, maine remained largely in the inner colonies, moving from system to system to assist with evacuations and defending the core worlds from an onslaught of covenant attacks. he was promoted to lance corporal in mid-2538, and then to corporal in 2540. shortly after his promotion to corporal, he was bumped to team leader of a four-man fireteam (dubbed "fireteam ares").

  • in 2541, maine was recruited into the ranks of the odsts. he served as a marine shock trooper from 2541 to 2545 before joining project freelancer in 2546.
  • on an unspecified planet in 2545, maine's odst unit briefly crossed paths with cpl. david ████. maine was tasked with restraining ████ after he attacked a commanding officer within his platoon. they would meet again many months later on the mother of invention after completing testing for project freelancer, with ████ now going by his freelancer alias of agent washington.

  • one of the last to enter the program, near the middle-end of 2546, only 1-2 months before wash joined.
  • freelancer-issued power armor: ref. adds 3-4 inches to the wearer's height, 300+ pounds. construction similar to that of the spartans' mjolnir, minus the reactive metal crystal liquid sandwiched inside the padding and the force-multiplying circuits (presumably? since this is the reason why spartans need to undergo biological augmentations before donning their first suit of mjolnir).

  • TITANIUM HELMET w/ heads-up display and a neural interface that works with a freelancer's neural implants. helmet features: (optional) ai housing, various breathing filters, thermal/motion sensors, comm link, solar-powered lighting, limited air supply for eva expeditions, imaging/video capabilities, voice amplification/modifier, biocomm scanner, other shit i'm probably forgetting. (ref)
    TITANIUM ALLOY OUTER SHELL (?) and a RUBBER COMPOSITE UNDERSUIT (the black shit you see between a freelancer's/spartan's armor pieces).
    SKINSUIT/TECHSUIT, the innermost layer of the armor; links to a freelancer's neural interface.
    HYDROSTATIC GEL layered under the skinsuit; regulates suit temp.
    MEMORY-PROCESSOR SUPERCONDUCTOR LAYER, between the outer shell and the armor padding; serves as ai support.
    ▹ the entire suit is powered by a small FUSION REACTOR, located on the upper back between the shoulder blades; built into the armor, regulated by a power supply that can be overloaded.
    overall suit features: pressure seal, lock-down system, magnetic holster strips, biofoam injector port, thruster pack, fail-safe detonation system, shields, reactive circuits, grav boots, other shit i'm probably forgetting.
    ▹ maine himself dons a MJOLNIR/V VARIANT helmet, a MJOLNIR/S VARIANT chest piece, and MJOLNIR/SECURITY VARIANT pauldrons.
    ▹ neural interface ref, diagram ref.

  • during his tenure with the unsc marine corps, maine was a good — if not occasionally disobedient — soldier. there were one or two road bumps during his first six months of active service, and he had a few physical altercations with other soldiers within his platoon before people realized that fucking with a hotheaded 7-foot behemoth was probably not in their best interests. otherwise, he kept mostly to himself and was 100% focused on his role in the unsc and doing his job to the best of his ability. military life suited him and he was comfortable with it right from the beginning.
  • as a team leader, he was okay-ish. maine had no vested interest in leadership and often found the role to be tedious and aggravating. he was good at keeping his team alive when Shit Got Real but absolutely terrible at forming and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships because reasons.
  • tldr dates:

  • — unsc marine corps from 2537 to 2541 (16-20)
    — orbital drop shock trooper from 2541 to 2545 (20-24)
    — project freelancer from 2546 to his defection in 2549 (25-28)
    — sigma's bitch from 2550 to his death in 2554 (29-33)

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