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PHYSICAL CONTACT. not really advised, but go for it.
ROMANCE/SEX. definitely not advised, but still go for it.
INJURE/KILL. hey buddy look, if ur character is capable of injuring a 7'4" tank in full body armor, then please by all means have at him. i'm not at all against maine getting his ass beat into the ground. killing is probably a no, though!
TELEPATHY/OTHER MIND VOODOO BULLSHIT. sure? just lmk beforehand so we can discuss what was seen/heard/experienced/etc.
EVERYTHING ELSE. it's probably a yes, whatever it is. hit me up with your idea/thoughts so we can chat about it!


TIMEZONE. central standard time
BRACKETS/PROSE. either! i default to brackets and present tense, but i'm happy to tag back in prose and/or past tense if it's preferred.
FOURTH-WALLING. probably not, sorry!
THREAD-JACKING. if the thread's not a private/locked conversation, then absolutely.
BACK-TAGGING. definitely! i'm in cst and work long/odd hours and can be p slow sometimes, so i typically tag late into my evenings. backtagging is always, always welcome no matter the thread/circumstances.


CROSS-CANON. yes, please! i honestly tend to prefer it.
ASSUMED CR. also a very enthusiastic yes.
SHIPPING/KINKS. within his canon, i only ship maine with wash and carolina, and for the most part i'm really not interested in exploring pairings outside of that very narrow bubble. for cross-canon, i'm completely open. i play maine as bisexual with little to no interest in long-term romantic relationships. he works best against characters with a background similar to his own (re: soldiers, mercs, warriors, etc.). please see here for a noncomprehensive list of kinks/hard nos.

maine, and especially the meta, is a very volatile and often unpredictable character with extremely violent tendencies. depending on his canonpoint he's also dealing with a lot of mental trauma irt his ai sigma and other ai he's scavenged from the armor of dead freelancers. i don't typically tag out with him for these reasons.

if i do tag you and you're not comfortable with it, please lmk and i'll steer clear in the future! no hard feelings, i get it.

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