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YES wash, carolina, cross-canon characters
MAYBE the rest of the canon freelancers, freelancer ocs, alpha, chorus arc crew
NO the director, blue team, red team

please keep in mind that the characters listed as nos/maybes are only for shipping/smut memes and not for anything else. the characters aren't there because i dislike them but because i either hate the pairing or it does nothing for me. i'm always down for non-shippy threads with anyone from the rvb universe.

for anyone on the maybe list, please hmu before tagging me in a smut/shipping-based meme. esp for fellow freelancers, i prefer to talk things out a little before jumping head first into ~the unknown~.

wash and carolina are always a yes no matter the scene/scenario because biases.

giving only | receiving only | both | hover for note | bold for faves

⇨ anal sex
aggressive partners
⇨ barebacking
⇄ body worship
⇄ breathplay
⇄ canon characters
⇄ casual relationships
clothed sex
cross-canon characters
⇄ cuddling
⇄ deepthroating
⇄ dirty talk
⇄ edging
enthusiastic consent
fight sex/sparring sex
⇨ fingering
finger sucking
⇄ gunplay
⇨ hair pulling
⇄ handjobs
⇄ hotdogging
⇄ knifeplay
⇄ masturbation (mutual/solo)
⇄ multiple orgasms
⇄ oral sex
⇄ orgasm control/denial
⇄ overstimulation
phone sex/sexting
⇄ power play
rough sex
⇄ semi-public sex
⇄ sexual exhaustion
size differences
⇄ scratching
⇨ spanking
⇨ vaginal sex
experienced partners
⇄ xenophilia


⇄ 63s/genderswaps
⇦ anal sex
⇦ barebacking
⇨ begging
⇄ blindfolds
⇄ bloodplay
⇄ bondage
⇦ crossdressing
⇄ drugs/alcohol/aphrodisiacs
⇨ dub-con
⇄ hate sex
⇦ hypnotism/mind control
⇄ multiple partners
⇦ pegging
⇄ role play
⇄ romantic relationships
⇄ sensory deprivation
⇦ telepathy
⇄ toys

⇄ bestiality
⇄ bodyswap
⇦ inexperienced partners
⇄ non-con
⇄ partners under 21
⇄ passive/timid partners
⇄ pregnancy
⇄ scat
⇄ sounding
⇄ vomit
⇄ vore